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Asian Society: We are more than just a continent!


What makes our Asian Society different to those at other institutions is that we have members from everywhere around the world! Who doesn’t like traditional food, colourful events and inclusive vibes?!

Post-pandemic, Asian Society was a neglected society with no activity. A dedicated committee last year, led by President Parvati Phakey allowed Asian Society to regain momentum, celebrating Holi for the first time ever on Penryn Campus and winning Event of the Year, Society of the Year and the Inclusivity Award in the SU Award 2023/24. Adding to this, the society also won the ‘Opportunity for All’ award in the National Volunteering and Societies Awards 2024. This year’s Asian Society has kept this rhythm going by celebrating Diwali for the first time on campus, as recognised by ITV News! 

This year we have seen the steepest rise in non-asian ethnic participation which is a truly beautiful thing to see as we celebrate our differences and encourage an inclusive, warm environment to all, regardless of background! 

We have had events to cater for a range of people - Bollywood night for the lively party-goers to chat with chai for those wanting to unwind and seek quieter ambiance. ASOC buffet and Special Vegan lunch for the food enthusiasts to screenings of cricket for the sport lovers! 

By collaborating with a variety of societies on campus such as ACS, international soc and vegan soc to external organisations such as our partner, Balti Curries and ‘food and drink on campus’, we have expanded our network and message, that we strongly believe in!

Our Vice President, Aleisha Braich, says ‘Asian Society has been a great way to get more culturally invested as well as celebrating who we are! The society is for everyone not just those of Asian heritage but anyone who wants to learn more or appreciate the culture’.

I am very confident that next year’s elected committee will maintain this strong uptrend towards Asian representation and continue to foster a safe space for the new intake of freshers, students and post-grads!



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