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Asian Society NSVAS win!

Congratulations to Asian society for winning Opportunities for All Award! At the National Societies & Volunteering Awards

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Congratulations to @falexeasiansociety for being recognised at a national level and winning this year's Opportunities for All Award at the National Societies & Volunteering Awards! With the largest number of students involved, the society has had a significant impact on campus life. Notably, they organised celebrations of core Asian festivals like Diwali, Lunar New Year, and Holi. Well done!

The Asian Society's growth and diverse membership demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity. They created a welcoming environment for Asian and non-Asian students alike, allowing them to connect and learn together. By organising Diwali, Lunar New Year, and Holi celebrations, the society promoted cultural awareness and understanding on campus.

The Asian Society actively engages in community service. They organise fundraisers, participate in local outreach programs, and collaborate with other societies. Their dedication to making a positive impact on society beyond the university is inspirational. 

“Hailing from a small campus and representing a minority group —that by default only make-up a small percentage of our student community, I honestly had very little expectation of us actually winning. As such, I went into the evening more so in the mindset of a spectator rather than a contender. Two weeks later I’m still in complete shock that our society has been recognised and rewarded at a NATIONAL level.” – Asian Society President, Parvati Phakey 

Their efforts in promoting cultural diversity, fostering inclusivity, and their commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community. We applaud their achievements and encourage their continued dedication to championing diversity.


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