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5 Tips for Elections Week from President Falmouth Lizzy Marshall

illustration of students President Elections - 5 Tips for Campaigning Week

The President Elections 2021 Campaigning week is in full swing, so to kick off the week Lizzy Marshall is here to give you 5 tips on how to get involved and remain informed. 


  • Tip 1- Look out for our Candidates’ social media posts & get engaged

Use the President Elections 2021 filters (by searching @thesufalexe on instagram), sharing their posts and engaging with their campaign outputs. This is so that the candidates can have a wider reach, and have a fair chance at getting votes. 


  • Tip 2- Get involved in Question Time

On February 22nd, we’ll be hosting a Question Time with all the candidates, headed up by Surf Radio! Go along and attend, ask the questions that you want answers to from our candidates this year 


  • Tip 3- Follow our Daily Updates

Make sure you check out the SU website ( and socials for daily updates on what’s happening so you can get involved and don’t miss out on the elections action. 


  • Tip 4- Please Be Kind!

All of the candidates have really put themselves out there to run for the roles, so please do give them encouragement and support. Send them nice messages along the way because, honestly, the motivation will do them good. And maybe get your societies to endorse them if you can- they’d love that!


  • Tip 5- VOTE, VOTE, VOTE (and vote wisely)

These are going to be your presidents, or the future presidents of the University for your peers if you are leaving this year, so please vote. Your vote really matters. Vote wisely, because whoever gets voted in will be the people representing you next year. 

Voting will open on 22 february at at midday, and close at midday on 25 february.

Happy Campaigning Week!


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