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4 reasons you should be a course rep!

Election season is upon us! Nominate yourself for a role and represent your course in sharing feedback with the university.


Making the student voice heard is a vital part of the students’ union. You are in charge of the union through your elected representatives sharing your ideas and feedback.
If you’re new to the students’ union, here’s what you need to know:
    •    Every course has a course rep for every year group 
    •    Each department or faculty (depending on your university) has a Department Rep or Subject Chair 
    •    These representatives meet with lecturers to discuss ways to improve the course that are suggested by students on the course 
Anyone can nominate themselves as a course rep. You are then voted into the role by students on your course.
Course reps are a crucial part of representing the student voice to your universities. They provide a link between the students and the staff.
We asked some course reps what they thought about the experience…
What about the role made you want to nominate yourself as a rep?

“Knowing that we were all in the same boat for the next few years, I wanted to make sure we had somebody on our side in it for the long run, and I think that was the right choice. having stuck by my colleague Hayley this long, I can't fathom if either us had to bare the role alone.”

Mika Carney 
How would you describe being a course rep?
“From the beginning, I saw us as pioneers, so I thought I could serve as a hub for feedback from my peers, so we could amend elements that didn't quite work and make the course the best it can possibly be for future marine scientists. What I enjoy most is acting as a catalyst for positive change by sharing the feedback during our SSLC meetings and seeing the outcome in the long-term, so if you're looking to make a worthwhile difference in university, becoming a Rep would be a commendable first step.”

Rada Pandeva 
What is the best part of your role?
“I think one of the best parts about being a rep is to bring the relationship between subject leaders and students closer to ensure a smoothly run year, with any problem, big or small being reported. I think it is imperative to keep this communication up, to ensure we get the most out of our degree. As a rep you also have a opportunity to talk to others in older year groups and learning from their experience, in many cases making incredible friends. “

Jessica Cattanach 
What have you learned as a rep?
“It has been an extremely fulfilling role, not just because of all of the information I have learnt but because of the relationships it has helped me to build with both students and staff. Plus being able to see change that you have influenced is always encouraging. “

Carys Hylton

Nominations for course reps, subject chairs/department reps, part-time officers, Liberation Committee, Green Committee and Student Council open on 26 September. Voting opens on 10 October.
If you’re interested in nominating yourself for a role visit the Big SU Elections page, if you have any questions, please email


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