With funding from BUCs and UK Sport, The SU ran 'Choose Your Day' in the last academic year. 

This was a 12 week programme aimed at boosting mental welbeing through physical activity.

It was a resounding success and we engaged with almost 200 unique participants, 64% of these were not previously known to The SU; and 90% of total participants were female!

Questionnaire responses showed there to be a 20% increase in students doing 30-150 minutes of physical activity per week; and there were marked improvements in feelings of optimism, usefulness, relaxation, a definite and clear increase in perceived ability to deal with problems, ability to think more clearly; and make decisions!!

While statistically lower, it is worth noting that there were small improvements in feelings of closeness to others after participation.

This year we are now pleased to launch our new physical activity programme, with a variety of drop-in physical activity sessions. These sessions will be at minimal cost and free to referrals


Hwetha is the Cornish word for 'Breathe' or 'To Play'

Working in partnership with ResLife, we will be putting on a programme of activities to include: Yoga, Table Tennis, Badminton, Social runs, Spinning while watching movies, Dance; and incorporating a variety of Wednesday activities provided by Flexsi Fitness.

In the spirng term when the days lenthen and hopefully the weather is more friendly, we will embrace our great outdoors and include more lovely watersports.


Autumn term timetable

    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Alternate Weds / Fridays Friday Sunday
Activity   Yoga Work Out of the Week! Dance - coming soon Rundamentals Meditation Fitness Flicks
Time   08:15 - 09:15 Try new work outs on offer at the Sport centre 14:00 - 15:00 17:45 - 19:00 TBC

16:30 - 18:30

Cost   £2 £2.50 £2 £2.50 £3 £1
About   Mats, blocks and intructor Emma provided! Please wear clothes which allow you to flex and stretch Please CLICK HERE and see the variety of activities are on offer. Look for 'work out of the week' for a £2.50 deal!

Please wear suitable clothing & footwear to get mobile in! 

A fun introduction to running, short, social route. Please wear suitable footwear and a smile! Reset and focus your brain, guided meditation with Steve.

Choose your film an choose your bike! Please wear suitable clothing and footwear

Location   Penryn Campus Sports Centre Studio Penryn Campus Sports Centre Penryn Campus Sports Centre Studio Various locations around Falmouth/ Penryn Falmouth Campus  Penryn Campus Sports Centre Studio

Nb. Some sessions do not occur every week.


Please click the below links for availability & to sign up:


Yoga    Dance    Meditation

   Rundamentals    Fitness Flix


Spring term timetable - watch this space!


Any questions / comments please email: kerry.blewetthill@thesu.org.uk


Badminton/Table tennis Risk assessment

Yoga Risk assessment