Dog Therapy session

Dog Therapy session

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Dog Therapy session

Thursday 09 December 2021
The SU
10am - 3pm

Come for a cuddle on the sofa with therapy dog Odie @odie_theirish, she's a scruffy salty dog who loves to be made a fuss of! 

Maximum 4 persons attending at any one time.

To ensure a space, please book a free ticket.

Sssion1 - 10am

Session 2 - 11am

Session 3 - 1pm

Session 4 - 2pm

Wearing a mask iw compulsory.

Do's and don'ts:

DO be gentle and approach quietly and calmly.

DO NOT share your human food with her please!! Although she might eat it - despite what she says it's not always good for her. She doesn't know this (or refuses to take advice) so we have to manage what goes into her mouth for her.

Do wash your hands before and after cuddles. 

DO NOT let her kiss you. She might try! 

Do have a lovely time :)

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