Bottle Match After Party

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Bottle Match After Party

Saturday 22 February 2020

8pm - 1am


After the carnage of the day, slip into the Stannary and dance away.
Join us Saturday 22nd Feb as we let off some steam ??
Doors will open at 8pm.

Tickets available now!

18+ event

Student event for students of Falmouth University and University of Exeter (Penryn Campus) - Each student can bring 1 non-student guest along with them, this guest must have their own ticket.




Terms & conditions:

1) Tickets

There is no limit on how many tickets a student can buy (but they are subject to availability). Students must be enrolled to either Falmouth University or University of Exeter (Penryn Campus).

Each student can bring 1 non-student guest along with them, this guest must have their own ticket and arrive with the student.

Bottle Match After Party tickets can be purchased from the SU website as well as the Stannary Bar, Penryn Campus shop and Woodlane Campus Art Shop (subject to availability).

All tickets sold through the SU website are e-tickets so do not need collecting. Tickets sold from the Stannary Bar, Penryn Campus Shop and Woodlane Campus Shop need collecting prior to event, these physical tickets are handed out upon purchase and must be kept, as they cannot be refunded/ replaced if lost.

2) Refunds

Tickets are non-refundable and we cannot offer replacements for lost tickets. The selling on of tickets is not permitted.

3) Can I bring a guest?

Students enrolled to either Falmouth University or Exeter University (Penryn Campus) can bring 1 non-student guest. Guest must come with student to the event and provide suitable ID (see below). Guest must have their own ticket.

4) Do I need ID?

You and your guest must be at least 18 years old to attend the events. You will need to be able to prove your age with either a PASS approved ID card, driving licence, passport or student ID at the event. If you are unable to prove your age we can deny you access to the event.

5) Could there be changed to the line-up and event?

It is sometimes unavoidable that across the multiple events there can be changes to the artists performing and/or their performance times. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with any changes (we have events Facebook pages you can follow). A change of line-up is not grounds for a refund for the event.

The Stannary bar reserve the right to change any elements of the event if required

6) Do I need cash at the event?

Yes. Some bars or food stalls take card payments, but we cannot guarantee that all will and there is also no cash machine facility within the event.

7) Accessibility of venues

This event takes place on Penryn Campus within the Stannary bars bottom floor.
During the event there will be loud music and flashing lights. Accessible toilets are available.
If you have an enabler (carer) to assist you we will allow them free access with you (please let us know in advance).

8) Can I bring alcohol to the event?

You cannot bring alcohol to the event and also not containers containing liquid. At the entrance to all our events security will be doing checks of all attendees.
The only exception is sealed (never opened) soft drinks that contain glucose if diabetic.

9) Do you search for illegal drugs?

Yes we do. We work in partnership with Devon and Cornwall Police and our security team to carry out searched. Possession of illegal drugs will lead to you being turned away from the event, the illegal drugs being turned over to the Police, and you being handed over to the Police.

10) Personal Data

In purchasing an e-ticket, you give us permission to use your personal data from the purpose of administering this event effectively and in accordance with our data and protection policies. You also give the SU and the Stannary Bar permission to use photography and video from the event, in which you may feature, for marketing purposes.

11) Right to refuse admission

The venue reserves the right to withdraw its invitation for anyone to be on its premises at any time. In particular we reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to remove from, the venue any persons who are drunk or disorderly or whose conduct is unlawful or offensive, who refuses a request for a search, is found or suspected of possessing illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons or who is not entitles to attend any of our events.

Any person who causes a disturbance or who refuses to comply with reasonable requests from venue management may be removed from the venue.

The venue will not refund the cost of entry or ticket in such cases.