Repair Cafe Workshop

Repair Cafe Workshop

Thursday 07 November 2019
REEF Building, Penryn Campus
1pm - 5pm

You know that favourite electronic / other thing you have that is broken?... It's not a big break so you haven't thrown it away,, you'll get around to fixing it...if only you knew how & had access to the right tools. 


You are invited to bring your broken household items along to repair. Repair Cafes are pop-up workshops for people to bring their broken items and we work with them to fix the items together. Items can include: electrical appliances, clothes, furniture, bicycles, ceramics, toys, etc. The Repair Café aims to provide visitors with the knowledge and tools to complete the repair themselves or with assistance from our team of skilful repairers.

Bring your things, and get help, information and assistance repairing that useful something.

Volunteer your skills to help others, or just come along to see what it's all about.