Nearly Meat Free Monday

Nearly Meat Free Monday

Monday 04 November 2019
The Stannary, Penryn Campus; Fox Cafe, Falmouth Campus
9am - 3pm

The Stannary and Fox Cafe will serve predominantly vegetarian dishes for the day, with a focus on locally and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Lower Stannary (kitchen):

For the sustainability week we will be doing a nearly meat free Monday.

We are going to keep the burger counter as the only option for meat eaters and then have the following:

Jacket potato fillings – Ratatouille & Vegetarian Curry.

Vegan Value – Oriental Broccoli.

Pop up – Pesto Gnocchi with salad and garlic bread.

Roast counter - Nut Roast or Stuffed Mushroom with roasted vegetables.

Stannary Bar:

Sustainability Week Cocktail: Cornish orchard apple juice, Neptune rum and fresh local ginger. All grown/made in Cornwall.

Menu for Sustainability week Fox Cafe:

Vegan Moroccan chick pea hash on fruity cous cous & Garlic green beans


Gnocchi with Mediterranean roast vegetables with savoury rice and Lentils


BBQ Sticky Jack fruit Panini (with or without Cheese) Mixed Village salad 

Mini Meal of Chilli beans on rice


All above are a sustainable vegan and vegetarian options. Monday 4 November we (Fox) are offering a no meat Monday to demonstrate an alternative to meat eaters and vegan/vegetarian alike. For the rest of the week we will offer just one meat option with the other three choices being vegetarian and vegan.


ESI Café:

Trialling no takeaway disposable cups (this has already started, partly because only 2% disposable cups sold there anyway).