Donald and the Trumpets

Donald and the Trumpets

Friday 18 October 2019
Upper Stannary, Penryn Campus
6pm - 11:59pm

Donald & The Trumpets are a Jamaican/British band based in the Midlands founded by ex-member/leader of the cult reggae band ‘Capitol Letters’ Danny ‘Teacher’ McKenzie (rhythm guitar and lead vocals) and backing singer Paulette Hatden (also ex - Capitol Letters). They are joined by backing singer Helen, William (bass), Augustus (drums), Nathan (keyboard), Leroy (keyboard) and John (lead guitar).

Danny and William hail from Jamaica with the rest of the band British born Caribbean’s.

As Capitol Letters (formed in 1972- previously known as The Alphabets) they were signed up in 1978, to Greensleeves Records, and recorded the hit single ‘Smoking My Ganja’ written by Danny. Inspired by the single, the Legalise Cannabis Campaign coalition recruited the group alongside Black Slate and Sir George Hi Fi for a benefit concert in the spring of 1979. After a couple of more classic hits ‘Out Of Africa’and ‘Daddy Was No Murderer’ their popularity across Europe and on the University circuit was assured.

Donald And The Trumpets were formed in 2017, not wanting to be part of the confusion now surrounding the old bands remaining members (there are 2 bands fighting over the name Capitol Letters). As the main singer/songwriter for Capitol Letters and Donald and the Trumpets Danny says “we will be performing many of our classic songs along with newer songs, we are looking forward to playing in Cornwall”.