National Student Money Week is being held between 3-7 February 2020, and to mark the occassion, the SU Advice team will be sharing content to help you on your journey to become more sustainable with your cash.


Check out our top tips below!

Would you rather have a coffee a day or a shiny new games console?

Bring in your own flask of fresh coffee and save £2 a day during term-time

You can get a PlayStation 4 or XBoxOne bundle for that price!

Coffee Illustration

Renting a house and directly responsible for paying gas and electricity bills?

You have the right to choose your own energy supplier.

Your landlord has the right to choose your energy supplier only when they are directly responsible for paying the gas and electricity.

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Weekly takeaway pizza or a trip to New York?

Buy a frozen pizza or make your own and save £15 a week during term-time.

You can get return flights to New York for that price!

Pizza Illustration

Would you rather party until closing or have a mini break?

Skip that 'one last drink' and save £3.50 a week during term-time

You can get return train tickets to London for that price!

Drink Illustration

Plan your meals before your weekly shop to reduce waste and save money

Start by writing a ‘master meal list’ that includes ingredients. At the start of each week, select meals from the list and buy the ingredients you need.

You’ll save even more if you cut out or reduce your purchaseof meat and alcohol.

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