Moving Out Checklist

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The information set out in this Guide is general guidance for students. It should not be seen as definitive or legal advice 

Moving-Out Checklist

Moving out can feel a bit much, but don't worry, we've got a helpful checklist for you to ensure you don't forget anything. Here's your guide to a smooth move

  1. Tenancy Agreement & Key Return
    Check your tenancy agreement for the move-out plan. If it's there, follow it. Set up a key return meeting with your landlord/agent. Simple!
  2. Cleaning
    Your place needs to be clean. Clean it up, but don't stress about normal wear and tear. Take your stuff with you – no leaving things behind.
  3. Deposits
    Make sure your deposit is safe in a deposit protection scheme. Talk to your landlord about getting it back. You will need to agree on the amount and reasons behind any deductions.
  4. Bills/Contracts
    Handle your bills. Call the utility companies. Set a move-out date. Make sure they know you're leaving. Note those meter readings. If meters confuse you, ask your landlord.
  5. Rubbish
    No trash talk here – just take it out. Leaving a mess means less money back and potential cleanup fees. Not good.
  6. Mail
    Redirect your mail with the Royal Mail re-direction service (click here) to your new address. Especially if your mail is super-secret. Shhh!
  7. TV License
    If you've got a TV license, grab a summer refund. Check out or call 0300 790611. Money back in your pocket – cha-ching!

And hey, if you're already thinking about your next place, Falmouth and Penryn are student hotspots. Need advice on that tenancy? Hit up our SU Advisers. They've got your back.

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Happy moving!

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