House-Hunting Checklist

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The information set out in this Guide is general guidance for students. It should not be seen as definitive or legal advice 

House-Hunting Checklist

Planning to find a new place? Take along this simple checklist when you go house-hunting. It'll help you keep track of what you like and don't like about each place, making your decision easier.

Outside the Property

  • Is the area well-lit at night?
  • How's the nearby transportation?
  • Describe the local environment: Quiet or noisy?
  • Check the external condition of the property.
  • Does the roof look ok?
  • Check window frames aren’t rotten.
  • Are doors and windows secure?
  • Ensure drains and gutters are clear.

Inside the Property

  • Check for signs of damp – peeling wallpaper, flaking paint, dark patches.
  • Check for signs of condensation, e.g. mould on the walls.
  • Any signs of unwanted critters like mouse droppings?


  • Ask about utility bills and heating from current tenants.
  • Are bills included in the rent? Any cap on charges?
  • Does the property use gas, electricity, or both?
  • Check electric or gas fires - check the gas fire heats up properly and isn't heat stained (if it is it may be dangerous).
  • Confirm the boiler is in good working order.
  • When was the last service and is there a valid Gas Safety Certificate?
  • Count the plug sockets in each room.
  • Ask about internet access and if it's included or a separate payment.


  • Check with current tenants about utility bills and heating.
  • Confirm if bills are included and if there's a cap.
  • Is there hot water?
  • Do all the taps work properly?
  • Does the toilet flush properly?


  • Does the property have a working burglar alarm, it’s in both the landlord's and yours interest to have one.
  • Does the property have a smoke detector? 
  • Assess how easily the house can be secured. Insurance may insist on solid external doors with five-bar mortice locks.
  • Locks - If you rent your own room, with a separate tenancy agreement which includes shared use of common parts with other tenants, then your room should have a lock. Otherwise this may not be something the landlord is willing or able to do.
  • Verify if there is double glazing.
  • Check for locks on downstairs windows.


  • Ask if any furniture belongs to current tenants.
  • Ensure soft furnishings have intact fire safety labels.
  • Confirm the overall furniture condition.
  • Assess the presence of bed, desk, and storage in bedrooms.
  • Check for blinds or curtains.
  • Evaluate the carpet condition.


  • Is the kitchen suitable for the number of tenants?
  • Is there enough fridge/freezer space?
  • Check the cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Test the functionality of appliances.

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Happy House Hunting!

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