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The Student Activities Team are here to support you with your clubs, societies, volunteering groups, fundraising ideas and green projects. Each staff member specialises in a different department, so you can get assistance tailored to your needs!
Students enjoying themselves at Welcome 2022.

SU Vice President

Orestis Collins-Alamanos

I am Orestis, a passionate individual hailing from Athens, Greece. With a background in Fashion Marketing, I combine my love for visual communication and storytelling to create impactful work that addresses societal and cultural issues. I find that I can express my inner thoughts, morals, and culture best through the art of writing.

Cooking is one of my many passions, where I find joy in experimenting with flavours and creating delicious culinary experiences. I also enjoy sharing a glass of wine with friends, as it brings people together in moments of warmth and community.

Driven by my desire to make a difference, I am not afraid to push boundaries and think outside the box. Through creative endeavours, I strive to raise awareness on matters that deeply affect and interest me. By employing innovative approaches, I seek to ignite meaningful conversations and provoke positive change.

Membership Services Director

Hayley Rowley (Maternity Leave)

Hayley is the Membership Services Director. She oversees the Student Opportunities Team and is part of The SU’s senior management team, working closely with the Presidents to support them in their objectives. Hayley graduated from UWIC in 2009, joined The SU (which was called FXU back then) in January 2010 and has undertaken a number of roles within the Student Opportunities Team and loves being part of The Students Union. Hayley is Cornish born and bred and will ensure everyone eats their cream tea the right way (jam first)!

On maternity leave until July 2024.

Student Activites Manager

Laura Outten

Hi! I'm Laura and I’m the Student Activities Manager. I am incredibly passionate about supporting student groups and volunteers to provide quality, fun events and activities, which are accessible to all! Since graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with my Event Management degree, I have worked within student sector in a variety of ways. I’ve worked at numerous SU’s within the North West in their Student Opportunities Teams. I’ve spent years running international sports competitions/festivals - where thousands of University sports students go with their teams on Tour over Easter and I’ve also worked nationally at Freshers Fairs with a pizza company as their promotions manager too. A bit about me: I’ve just moved down to Cornwall so I’m enjoying exploring the delights of my new home. I play rugby (League & Union) and I’m also training for a triathlon raising money for charity. Feel free to get in touch with anything Activities related or just to say hi!

Activities Coordinator (Sport)

Tom Milburn

I’m Tom and I am the new Sports Co-ordinator at the SU. I have joined the SU from Truro College, where I was a Learning Support Assistant. Assisting students with their learning and extra curricular activities. My experience within sport is predominantly in Football. Whether it’s playing for my local town or more recently becoming an FA referee. Looking forward to supporting students with their ideas and sharing my past experiences within sport to help clubs develop and thrive.

Activities Coordinator (Societies)

Liz Tollemache

Hi! I’m Liz, your Societies Coordinator. I oversee and support all your society related events, socials and queries. I graduated from BA Photography at Falmouth in 2021 with a background in curation, social media and events. I’m an avid reader, lover of romance languages and film studies! I absolutely loved my time at university and want to ensure every student has the best possible experience, starting with getting involved in the wonderful range of fun societies we have.


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