Everything you need to know about planning an event or a trip, including room and facility bookings.

If you're planning an event for your student group which is going to take place off-campus, you'll need to think about how to get there. Even travelling in the local area can need some pre-planning, so this page has some useful information about travel with your student group.

Things to think about while travelling with your group

  • What kind of transport will you use? Different methods of transport will have different costs, requirements and capacities. More details on these can be found below.
  • How far will you be travelling? If it is a long distance, will you need more than one driver, or will you need to stay overnight to break up your journey?
  • Consider the environmental impact for your choice of location to travel to and the transport you opt to use. Could you opt to take a greener form of transport? Is there a location that can offer the same or similar experience lots closer to campus?
  • What time will you be travelling? Can you travel during a less popular time to avoid traffic congestion?
  • If you're staying overnight and providing your own food, think about doing your group shopping trip when you arrive at your destination rather than shopping before you leave. Less luggage weight in vehicles means less fuel required for the trip and by shopping near your destination you are having a positive impact on the local economy.
  • Ensure all vehicles are fuelled up, road safe and not overcrowded. Avoid buying petrol on motorways as it is far more expensive.
  • Consider how you will fund your travel as part of the trip. Are you selling tickets, funding out of your grant or group account? Make sure to plan for this in advance.

SU Minibus

Step 1: Requesting the minibus

To request a minibus, please fill out the Minibus Request Form. We recommend requesting the minibus at least 10 working days before your journey. 

You will be asked about details of your student group, event/activity and journey: destination, driver’s details, pick up/return date and time and number of passengers. 

Once you submit the form, a member of Activities Team will review it and get back to you with decision within 3 working days, but it might take longer during busy periods. 

We are unable to accommodate all requests as we currently own one minibus. To give each student group equal chance to use the minibus, we base our decision on:

  • Distance – trips further away will take priority
  • Activity type – fixtures and championships will take priority over socials and other trips. If your sports group knows of any fixture dates that you will be attending, request minibus as soon as possible.
  • Public transport accessibility – if there is a regular, timely and direct train/bus service to your destination, your request will have lower priority.
  • Your group’s previous use – if your group used the minibus multiple times before, your request will have lower priority if another group requests the minibus on same date

Step 2: Request decision

If we could not accommodate your request, you will receive an email with the decision and explanation. If you would still like to go on your trip, we can help you look into alternative methods of transport. Please check them out below.

If your minibus trip is good to go ahead, you will receive an email from the Activities Team with details on embarking your journey and hire charge. Your booking will be assigned a unique rental hire number – please sure you make a note of it, as you will be required to provide it on collection and return.

Cancellation policy: if you wish to cancel your journey, please let us know as soon as you can. This allows us to offer it to another group.

Step 3: Collecting the minibus

Pop to the SU office to collect minibus keys and fuel cards.

If you are meant to depart outside of our working hours (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm), please collect the keys the day before. Activities team member will be in touch with you in case there are alternative arrangements to keys and cards collection.

Fill out digital Minibus Collection Form before you start your journey. You will receive a link to it in your confirmation email. You can also find a QR code in the minibus.

The form takes less than minutes and consists of three parts:

  1. Journey details and passenger list
  2. Technical checklist
  3. Inventory checklist

You will be asked for starting mileage – you have to note this so your group is charged appropriately.

If there is any damage to the minibus you spotted before your journey, please note it in the form.

Step 4: Returning the minibus

You must top up the fuel at the end of your journey. Our fuel cards can be used on any Texaco stations (you can find nearest stations on map below). Not fuelling the minibus will result in penalty for your group.

Return the minibus to the Car Park E (see map above). Fill out digital Minibus Return Form. You will be asked to provide your ending mileage and note any damage that occurred during your journey.

Return the keys and fuel card and receipt to SU Office (during office hours) or drop box in front of the SU building.

Step 5: Payment 

Your student group will be charged for minibus hire and fuel costs.

You will have received exact hire charge in an email with minibus booking confirmation. As of 2022/23, the hire charges are:

  • £40 – half day charge – less than 6 hours
  • £80 – full day charge – 6 hours and more
  • £160 – 2 days charge – between 24 and 48 hours

The fuel costs will be deducted from your group accounts. Basing on the mileage you noted during your journey, it will be calculated at 45p/mile. You will receive an email after your journey with all charges.

Minibus Handbook Request Form Collection Form Return Form

Other transport methods

Using your own car

If you're using your own car to transport members to and from group activity, and/or you will be claiming back money for petrol for using your own car, you must complete the private vehicle registration form. If you have not completed this form at the time of travel, you will be unable to claim back any money for petrol.

You can claim back for your travel costs at a rate of 40p/mile travelled. You should do this through the claim expenses button on your group page. You should use the Mileage Claim Form below to claim your reimbursement.

Private vehicle form

Using public transport

Public transport is one of the most sustainable ways to travel. If you are travelling a long distance, you might want to consider public transport as you may find this more comfortable. You can claim back the costs of public transport if you are using this for your event or activity as long as this is agreed with your coordinator.

Great Western Railway operates train links from Penryn and Falmouth stations to Truro. You can then change at Truro for routes to rest of Cornwall and country. 

First Bus Kernow operates most routes across Cornwall. Their mobile app offers discounted fares and helps you plan your journey.

Hiring a bus or coach

You can hire a bus or coach with a driver if you are transporting lots of people and are unable to use public transport. This option can be expensive, so you will need to ensure you have the funds to do so before booking this. Usually, you will need to pay for this in advance using an invoice.

Our student groups used following companies in the past:

OTS Falmouth

South West Travel

Williams Travel

First Travel


International Travel

If you want to discuss an international trip for your group, please get in touch with Activities Team.

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