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FXU is Rebranding!

We are excited to announce that Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union will be rebranding over the summer ready for the start of the new academic year 2019/20! We will no longer be known as FXU, but now simply, ‘The Students’ Union’ by our members, Falmouth University, The University of Exeter, and FX Plus.

Our official charity name remains the same, ‘Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union’ and this is what we will be known as to the public.


Why the rebrand?

The purpose of our rebrand is to have a clearer brand identity as your students’ union and to create a unified brand experience for our members and stakeholders from both Falmouth University and The University of Exeter in Cornwall. 


Our new logo

Our new logo icon is an apostrophe, which is a symbol of belonging in the English language. This signifies that all of our students belong to their students’ union. Apostrophes can also unite two words, as this Students’ Union unites two universities. Look out for these three variations of our logo as the new visual identity of your students' union.

Our Brand Values

Falmouth and Exeter Student’s Union is a membership-led charity that represents students from Falmouth University and the University of Exeter in Cornwall. It has a set of brand values that aim to enhance the student experience and enable students to confidently state “I belong; I am heard; I am realising my potential; and I am supported.



Find out more about our Vision, Mission and Brand Values here.


Brand Guidelines

You can check out a digital copy of our brand guidelines below. These guidelines outline our visual identity and the application of its elements to ensure the Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union brand is represented in a consistent, inspiring and professional manner throughout all communications and marketing material. Our Communications Team is happy to help with any questions you may have.


What happens next?

Over the summer we will be rolling out the rebrand across all campuses, and our social media, website and other channels. This will mean that we will be making some changes to things like our web and email addresses etc. We will keep you up to date and you can also check this page for any news about the changes and timescales we have planned.

Don't worry though, you don't need to change how you communicate with us as In order to minimise any disruption, we will be putting redirects and other measures in place across our communication channels to make sure they are running as smoothly as possible. Please give the office a call if you have any problems on 01326 255861.

Key Dates:

  • 21 Aug 2019 - Emails and Website will change from to
  • 21 Aug 2019 - Social Media pages will change to @TheSUFalExe for our main Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • 30 Aug 2019 - Rebrand should be complete and we will now be known as Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union (The SU) and not FXU.


More info & FAQs

We have put together some handy FAQs about the rebrand and please feel free to contact the Communications Team if you have any questions or would like further info.