Trash Talk

Welcome to Cornwall! Did you know that every region and even towns recycle differently? Trash Talks is the section of Green Living dedicated to explaining what you can and can’t put in general waste and how to recycle both on and off campus. Check out the Falmouth and Exeter University A-Z of waste and recycling to find out what to and not to put in the bin on site.

If you are not not living in halls type your postcode into this link that will tell you what you can and can’t recycle from your digs and what days’ bin collections are on. Also remember to use seagull proof bags! Seagulls ripping open bin bags is a major source of littering and as a coastal town it could easily get into the sea. Did you know that until your bin bag is in the truck it is your responsibility? If a seagull rips open your bin bag you are liable for a £80 littering fine. It also counts as littering if you put out things for collection that aren't general waste like mattresses, toasters and paint - items like this could also result in a larger fine.

       Here on campus we also have a composting scheme!

We hope collections will resume next term. To express an interest in signing up your your flat in halls, please email your flat number and building, or for more information please e-mail or pop into the SU.

Food waste releases methane when it decomposes in landfill (anearobic digestion process), a powerful greenhouse gas (25 times more powerful than CO2). By composting we not only reduce the amount of waste sent to already overflowing and toxic landfill sites but prevent the methane from being released and recycle nutrients back into the soil from whence they came.