Jungle Shed


The Jungle Shed is an eco-build of straw-bales and cob, constructed during the summer break by student volunteers. It is now open for clubs, societies, courses and groups of students to host events, meetings or activities. 

Hidden away from the stark concrete of the campus buildings, surrounded by trees and nature, this truly is a space for inspiration and environmental change.

The Jungle Shed is named after the JungleHouse Project, a mobile centre for environmental activism, creativity, art and ideas. The JungleHouse was first born in Durban at COP17 and has since traveled to Rio+20, Global Social forum in Tunisia, Poland COP19 and soon to be Lima COP20.

To find it, head towards Tremough Barton Cottages and it is located in the field on your left opposite the new Penryn Sports Centre (the Alloments have relocated within the Walled Garden).