Making your campuses cleaner and greener


Sustainability is really important to your Students' Union, from reducing carbon to improving biodiversity, we are working hard to improve the sustainability of your campuses. In October 2018 FXU, FXPlus and the two Universities also worked together to hold the first Sustainability Week. The campaign included a suppliers fair, an activities fair, a roundtable discussion on sustainability, a talk and exhibition from Sail Against Plastics and more! 

Our Green Beans

Our work on sustaianbility is led by your President Student Experience (Sarah Redman), your Environment & Ethics Officer (Elizabeth Streeter) and your Community Partnerships Manager (Rose Hitchens-Todd). They attend meetings between FXPlus and the two Universities to make sure that your feedback gets acted upon and to promote the green agenda. There is also a new Green Committee which has elected student officers with a focus on biodiversity, energy, marine, travel, food and waste. 

Environment & Ethics Chair










Food Officer

Your Food Officer 2018/19 is Ellen Monaghan.

Ellen took on the role out of a passion for making ethical food choices accessible to students.
"My priorities are to ensure campus catering outlets are making sustainable choices with minimal packaging and local sourcing wherever possible, and to ensure waste facilities are being improved to include composting facilities with aims to link up the catering and waste facilities on campus."




Waste Officer

Your Waste Officer 2018/19 is Eilish Calnan.

Eilish took on the role to reduce waste on campus, improve recycling and deal with food waste.

"I'm also eager to create a circular economy and eliminate the need for fast fashion on campus! I got involved in the Green Committee because I am eager to change things on campus and rather than complaining about them, I thought I'd get up and do something! I'm always open to ideas on how to eliminate waste, come and chat with me about making our beautiful campus more sustainable ??"



Biodiversity Officer










Energy Officer










Marine Officer










Travel Officer

Your Travel Officer 2018/19 is Isla Walter.

Isla took on the role to help create easy behavioural change across the campuses.

"I decided I want to be part of the Green Committee because I'm passionate about helping the environment and generally being green. Travel is an easy way through which people can make tiny changes that can help the environment massively and I want to promote these small changes so together we can all make a big impact."