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FXU Board of Trustees


The SU Board of Trustees are the group of people who ensure that the union is well run – they have ultimate responsibility for everything that the SU does, including its governance, financial and strategic management.

The current board make-up is four President Trustees, three Student Trustees, and two Lay Trustees. Details of each Trustee is below:


Callie Edwards - SU President Falmouth (Chair of the Board)

Joe Rigby - SU President Exeter 

Allie Guy - SU President Welfare & Inclusivity

Christopher Bigland - Falmouth Student Trustee

Fraya Dawe - Falmouth Student Trustee

Paul Northmore - Lay Trustee

Rosie Hunnam - Interim Deputy Chair 


If you would like to find out more about the SU Board of Trustees, email or pop into the SU office