Our mostly frequently used jargon, explained.

Our mostly frequently used jargon, explained.


Person who is applying, or putting themselves forward for, a particular position, i.e. an elected Sabbatical Officer/ SU President.


A legal, governing document that states an organisation’s purpose, who benefits, who are the Trustees and how it is accountable. A constitution is a requirement of the Charity Commission, of which Students’ Unions are regulated by in accordance with Charity Law in England and Wales. This is essentially the rule book which the SU needs to follow.

Deputy Returning Officer (DRO)

Oversees the fair, accurate running of the SU Election

FX Plus (Falmouth Exeter Plus)

Shared service provider of Falmouth and UECC, providing catering facilities, welfare services, halls, accommodation etc.

Hustings / Question Time

An event which provides a platform for candidates to speak, present themselves and their manifesto and enter in debate. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions.


A written document that outlines a candidate’s intentions and proposed policies and actions, should they be elected to office.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Outlines how two organisations expect to work together.


National Union of Students.

President Elect

A person who has been elected to a position but has not yet been installed.


This is short for Sabbatical Officers, who are full-time, paid elected students. Simply put, Sabbs is another word for Presidents.


A group of candidates that run in multi-position elections on a common platform - this is prohibited in our elections.

SU Board of Trustees

Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union Board of Trustees who have the strategic and legal authority for the SU Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Senior Leadership Team. This comprises of the SU CEO, Director of Membership Services and Director of Finance and Resourses. They have the day-to-day management authority for SU operations.

Returning Officer (RO)

An external person, from the NUS, who oversees the fair and accurate running of election.

Re-open Nominations (RON)

If a voter believes a candidate is not suitable for the position, then they can vote for RON.

The SU

Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union.


Someone with legal authority and responsibility for something on behalf of others. The SU Trustees have responsibility for the organisation on behalf of students. An external Trustee is someone who is not a student, but may be a past President or someone with skills and experience required on the Trustee Board. A student Trustee is a current student of Falmouth or UECC but is not a President.


University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses.