Sexual Health & Consent

Often when people talk about sexual health and consent it can be quite awkward, and skirt around the issues. We want to change that and put your sexual health into your own hands because you have a right to decide what happens to your body and what you do with it!

All we ask is that you make sure to always use protection. We have a wide selection of protection available to you in both the Falmouth and Penryn SU Offices (including kingsize and extra strong condoms, fem-doms, lube, and dams), so come some up for free!

We at SU will forever stand by the fact that everyone has a right to say ‘No’, and this should never be ignored. If you also believe there are #noblurredlines please email for the campaign materials. You can also email your president if you wish to seek help or support. The SU is here for you.