Date Submitted Type Is the cost cleartly advertised prior to application Cost incurred Is the cost included in the fees? Additional Comment
03/11/2014 Printing Costs No £ Variable Yes When selecting modules, students are able to see which involve assessments that incur printing fees (e.g., posters), and also which are associated with large volumes of academic papers. However, reading is almost always provided electronically in PDF form, and it is up to students to decide whether they truly need to print up this course material so they can access it in paper format. We have recently switched to the eBART hand-in format in order to cover the costs of printed assignments (e.g., essays, lab reports, etc.) for the students; this is the printing cost covered in fees.
03/11/2014 Stationary No £ Variable No  
03/11/2014 Bench Fees No £ Yes  
03/11/2014 Field Trips Yes £ Variable Yes For both second- and third-year trips, students can elect to participate in a completely free field trip or to choose one for which they cover the costs of traveling to and from the destination. Accommodations, food, and activities are paid for by the University. Students will, however, be expected to pay for their own travel documentation, for any appropriate field gear that they do not already own (e.g., hiking boots), and for vaccinations/prophylaxis (e.g., yellow fever vaccine, antimalarials). This information is provided to the students during the module selection period so that they can make informed decisions when choosing field courses.
03/11/2014 Travel to Placements No £ Variable No This is very uncommon
03/11/2014 CRB Checks No £ Variable No This is very uncommon
03/11/2014 Childcare No £ Unknown No  
03/11/2014 Professional Association Fees No £ Variable No  
03/11/2014 Conference Attendance No £ Variable No Funding may be available for some conferences
03/11/2014 Course Books Yes £ Variable No We attempt to make all course books available through the library, either in physical or electronic format. The library also has funding available to purchase new books that students cannot already access. Thus, it is very unlikely that students would need to pay for course books.
03/11/2014 Clothing or Uniform including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) No £ 0 Yes Lab coats and goggles provided
03/11/2014 Professional Exams No £ Variable No  
03/11/2014 Resit Fees No - not by College/Discipline £ 6 per credit No The standard university fee would apply to any referral examination but deferral exams due to mitigating circumstances are free.
03/11/2014 03:34 Study Abroad Costs Yes £ Variable No Students are provided with information about costs prior to application, and also prior to departure.
03/11/2014 03:34 Field and Practical Equipment No £ Variable Yes For in-module work, students are provided with whatever equipment they will need in order to complete practicals. For equipment associated with field trips, students can check out essential items from the teaching laboratory. They are also provided with a list of recommended items that they may wish to purchase for themselves, but which are not necessary for the completion of the module. This information is typically provided during the module selection period so that students can avoid trips that involve desirable equipment they do not feel they can provide for themselves.
03/11/2014 03:34 Travel Insurance Yes £ Variable Yes Travel insurance is provided for all international field courses. Students are expected to provide their own insurance for study abroad and international work placements. Neither students nor staff have travel insurance for trips taken within the UK.