Student Voice Elections 2021

Coming soon! Nominations open Monday 8th March.
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Student Voice Elections 2021

Would you like to take the opportunity to represent your peers and build your employability skills? Perhaps you are already a Student Rep who’d like to keep making a difference!

Then look no further! Nominations for Student Voice Elections 2021 open on Monday 8th March. But what roles can I nominate for? Well, this year (as you might have guessed) Student Voice Elections 2021 will be taking place entirely digitally where nominations will be open for the following roles:

Part-Time Officers (e.g Student Council)

Part Time Officers represent the views of current Falmouth and University of Exeter Cornwall Students, so that representation runs through the core of all SU activity, services and campaigns. The Part Time Officers consider the student voice when voting on policy and initiating campaigns as part of our Student Council. They represent you and your views in a host of different ways and on different issues from social experience to academic quality to liberation and many more. They work closely with our Sabbatical Officer team to represent your views in a host of meetings, forums and with the full Students’ Union. Essentially, our Part Time Officers and Student Council help to promote your voice and your needs to us and to both Universities we work with.

Falmouth Course Reps*

The role of a Course Rep is to help gather feedback from students on their course, ensuring a complete Student voice is shared with course teams. A Course Rep is a critical link so that Student Voice sits at the heart of changes and decisions made within your course, your department and Falmouth University. A Course Rep provides feedback to the Department Rep and The SU Falmouth President allowing them to lobby for change at every level of the University. They also close the feedback loop by letting their cohort know what changes have been made because of Student Voice and Student Representation.

Falmouth Department Reps

This role Is the senior student representative, representing all students studying in their department at undergraduate or postgraduate taught level. Department Reps work closely with Department wide staff, including the Directors as well as the Students’ Union (SU) to achieve positive change for students within their department. They meet with their Reps regularly to ensure oversight of their department, and provide direct feedback to the SU Falmouth President, keeping the student voice as current as possible. We encourage students who have been Reps previously to apply for these roles.

Exeter Course Reps*

Course Reps are the foundation of student representation, promoting a partnership between students, Exeter University academic staff and the SU. Course Reps collect opinions, praise, and concerns from students regarding all aspects of their course, and through authentically representing the experience of their peers, help to create positive change.

Exeter Subject Chairs

The Subject Chairs are senior academic representatives and act as team leaders for the Course Reps within their subject. They chair SSLCs in their department, regularly check in and help reps with escalating feedback or resolving problems, and attend the Subject Chair Working Group, where they meet with other Chairs to discuss common feedback across departments. Subject Chairs work closely with Exeter University academic staff and the Students’ Union to achieve positive change for students within their subject.

Exeter Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Reps

EDI Representatives work alongside Course Reps to monitor and champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity issues and concerns. EDI Reps gather feedback from students in minoritised groups and share this feedback with fellow student representatives and department staff, making sure that discussions and decisions are always mindful of our whole student community.

NUS Delegates

The National Students’ Union is a member of the National Union of Students (NUS) and each year, we are able to send delegates to NUS National Conference. An NUS Delegate represents Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union at a national level at the National Union of Students (NUS) Conferences. This is an amazing opportunity to influence the national student movement by voting on motions at national conferences as well as electing NUS Officers who work full time, campaigning on the issues that you’ll vote on at conference. National Conference occurs once a year and it’s where our elected delegates will get to have a say in what the national union believes and campaigns for!

*Excluding First Year Course Rep and BMBS Year Rep roles - we’ll be electing for these at the start of the new academic year.


If this sounds like a bit of you then check out the Role Descriptors below. You can also head to our Student Voice pages for more info on representing your fellow students as Student Reps or Part-Time Officers.


Role Descriptors

Falmouth Course RepsFalmouth Department Reps Exeter Course Reps

Exeter Subject ChairsExeter EDI RepsNUS Delegates

Role Descriptors (Part-Time Officers)

Expand for full list


Election Guidance

Election Guidance Doc



It says that I am not eligible to nominate myself. Why is that?

Once you have logged in to the SU Website you should be able to nominate yourself for a number of different Student Voice related roles. However, on occasions it will state that you are still not eligible. This will just be a issue on our Elections platform and can be solved by just letting us know. Contact us at

Can I run for more than one position? I want to be a rep as well as a Part Time Officer.

Yes! You can absolutely run for several positions, and we love the fact that you’d like to do that. All that we suggest is that you read the role descriptors beforehand to ensure you are interested in undertaking the role, and to also make sure that you’re not taking on too much. We at the SU love students that get engaged but we also know that you are here for your degree first and wouldn’t want to jeopardise that.

What is a Manifesto, and do I need to write one?

To encourage students to vote for you, it’s a good idea to say why you want to do the role and why you’d be good at it when nominating yourself.

When will I start?

These Student Voice Elections are for the following academic year, so your role will start in September 2021. However we will be in touch before that to arrange training and to provide you with other resources to support you.

When is the training?

We aim to run training sessions that work for you. Training will be start in Term 3 and will continue into the autumn to ensure you are happy with what to do and how to do it. We do require that you attend these training sessions as they will fully prepare you for the role.

Can I vote for myself?

Absolutely yes! We recommend you vote for yourself as every vote counts!

Why does the Students’ Union elect Course Reps not the University?

The Students’ Union is an independent entity; a charity that is here to solely support students. Therefore the Rep System is run by the Students’ Union to ensure students can share the student voice without influence.

What do I get out of it?

It’s a great opportunity to take a lead in making improvements to your University experience. You will have access to training and resources for how to gather feedback, signpost students, and escalate feedback to the appropriate people. You will developing transferable skills in problem solving, leadership, networking, inclusivity and representation that will benefit your career path. And you will have the chance to influence and make positive change that ensures your course and university experience is the best it can be for you and your peers.

So why should I vote?

By voting in an election or using your voice in anyway as a student, is a powerful thing! Sometimes we might not feel like our voice or vote can make big change, but it makes such a big impact to University life. Without you engaging in elections or anything similar, we don’t know how you feel or think so can’t effectively represent your needs on a range of levels. So by voting, you engage in changing your student experience for the better whether that’s social spaces, teaching quality, wellbeing or pretty much anything. So all you need to do now is… vote!


In the meantime if you have any questions please do drop us an email over to
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