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Make A Change is a powerful tool which enables you to submit ideas to the Student Council to be voted and acted upon. If other students vote in favour of your suggestion, the SU will work towards implementing it! Your voice can and will make a change.
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How Make A Change works for you

The Make A Change platform enables any student to submit an idea or campaign through the website without waiting for a rep meeting or Union General Meeting (UGM).

The proposal must:

  1. Have at least 25 likes, and 25 more likes than dislikes within 6 weeks of posting in order to be added to the SU Student Council agenda, otherwise it will be rejected.
  2. The SU Student Council will then decide the future course of action for the proposal based on their powers and remit. The SU Student Council can vote to:
    • Allocate the task to one or more council members to take responsibility for it
    • Reject the idea
    • Request more information or more evidence of support
  3. If the issue is considered a liberation Issue by the Elections & Democracy Committee, it should instead pass to the Liberation Committee to be voted on.

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The below suggestions were all submitted in academic year 2020/21. Some relate to ongoing actions but others will be archived as new ideas are suggested. If you want to find out more about the Student Council click here

Make A Change

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    At least 2 hours in person each week

      To introduce a minimum number of in person contact hours when the uni is not in lockdown. So far, the amount on in person teaching offered to students is erratic. Some courses offer plenty (proving it is possible) while others offer hardly at all. Introducing a minimum number of contact hours would insure all students were receiving the best experience possible. I would recommend a minimum of 2 hours, as this is achievable. Optional drop in sessions/open studio sessions should not count.
    Gwen Scolding
    10:12am on 11 Feb 21 Thanks for submitting your idea. We encourage you to try and get as many students as possible to vote for your idea as this will help the Student Council consider whether your suggestion can be progressed. The next Student Council meeting is on the W/C 1st March. However in the last Student Council, the following motion was passed: "A motion to cause the Students’ Union to review how COVID-19 has affected teaching at the Universities in Cornwall; to campaign for change for Students during the COVID-19 pandemic; and for connected purposes." A lot of progress has already been made towards this policy by the Presidents with their campaign to Ease The Fees ( and their rent campaign ( Please email if you have any questions or require any support.

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