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Sophie Gray

Sophie Gray

I volunteer with Scouts UK.

I volunteer because I want to make a positive impact in my community and be able to give young people experiences outside of education and home life that they wouldn't necessarily have the opportunity to. I want to inspire them to gain skills for life.

My most rewarding moment was when one of the young people that I have seen grow up in the past few years, gained a participants position to attend the World Jamboree in West Virginia, USA last summer. To get this position meant this scout needed to learn lots of camp basics, how to cook, how to pitch a tent and some survival skills such as understanding how to tie certain knots and using purification tablets for example. All of his skills along with his new ones made at Scouts enabled him to go on a trip of a lifetime that he will never forget.

I would say to someone thinking about volunteering to "go for gold". It makes you feel good, you can have fun whilst learning something new and you're partaking in something that keeps you on your toes and makes you happy!?