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Salut les mecs! Bienvenue au site officiel de Les Républicains.

As President I welcome you to Les Républicains, the best society on campus, and the only Political Society on campus that chooses  to promote overcoming political divides. We are dedicated to the values of co-operation, of effort and of good example.

This year the society went from strength to strength, as it supported students from both campuses to find new ways to get along, and to draw attention to the areas of campus which needed improving.

Our Society is one of the seven Political and Campaigning societies, but so far it is the only one to have ever been nominated for Society of the Year. We welcome people of all political backgrounds to join in our events, and together we champion the idea that political labels shouldn’t get in the way of working and having fun together. We believe that all of us have something to contribute, and that we can together give each other the help to flourish. We love hearing everyone’s perspective – finding areas of agreement is our thing!

Our events each year are broad and largely dictated by what our members want, but we are proud of what we do. Last year we raised money for charity, had a garden party and ball, held various online events and arranged film screenings with other Societies. Sometimes the best events are just the group trips to the pub, which is something our Society is now well known for.

Our new Chief Secretary, Dan, is keen to welcome everyone to join in our events , which will include competitions, meet and greets and (covid willing) our signature Garden Party.

In 2019/20 some of our activities included:

  • Discours sur la plage (beach talks on History and Politics)
  • Président’s Garden Party & Ball
  • Group Study Sessions in the Learning Lounge
  • Zoom Calls with Big Names
  • Film Screenings with the Lib Dems and Labour Soc
  • Parlements du Pub
  • Quizzes and Fundraising for the NHS
  • The 2020 Winter Inter-Society Games.
  • Le Cornage – pub and bakery crawl extraordinaire

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Sun 20th September

Virtual Pub Quiz with an extraordinary Prize
20th September 6pm - 8pm
Google Hangouts
Come along to this incredible digital quiz, which will test varied topics essential to Freshers life. There is a prize.

Mon 21st September

Liberté, égalité, sashay away
21st September 6pm - 8pm
Google Hangouts
A Les Républicainsseminar on the politics and eonomics of Drag Race

Fri 25th September

Scoff scotch watching Scots scoot off
25th September 6pm - 8pm
Google Hangouts
Lament Tonty Blair and David Cameron with us as we look at war their softness on Nationalism nearly caused.

Sun 27th September

Président’s Garden Party
27th September 4pm - 10pm
TBC - Falmouth
A welcome party.


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Chief Secretary

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We have lots and lots of meetings throughout the year. Due to COVID we don't know when we can do our formal sessions, but we like to have conversations when everyone's timetable's allow.