Write Now

Don't get a First in Procrastination. Before your workload gets too overwhelming, think about how you can manage your time effectively to minimise stress and meet your deadlines.

Write Now

The StudyHub has a wide range of resources to help you before your workload gets too overwhelming:

  • Info-Perch: Drop-in sessions with Librarians and ASK Advisors, weekly at Penryn and Falmouth Campuses
  • Accessibility Drop-Ins: Weekly open sessions for general questions about studying with SpLDs, screening and assessment
  • Language classes: Evening foreign language classes plus Academic and Social English language courses and tutorials for students whose first language is not English
  • 1:1 Appointments: 1:1 session with an Academic Skills/Languages Advisor, available at Penryn and Falmouth Campuses. Book online
  • Assignment Calculator: Schedule and manage your deadlines with this essential tool

Write Right

Your work should always be:

  • Correctly and fully referenced
  • Produced by you, and only you
  • Original and unique
  • Honest and trustworthy

Support is available to help you write right. Find out more on the StudyHub.

All Write?

When deadlines are looming it’s important to look after yourself too. President Welfare & Inclusivity, Allie Guy, has some simple self-care tips:

  • Eat fruit and veg
  • Try and get eight hours sleep, at least once every couple of days
  • Time to yourself
  • Take a walk
  • Pop into the Chaplaincy
  • Exercise
  • Drink at least three pints of water a day
  • Be mindful
  • Get creative
  • Social media detox

Find out more on p25 of our Freshers welcome magazine.