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President Falmouth: Autumn Update

Lizzy Marshall, President Falmouth, provides an update on what she's been working on recently.

Lizzy Marshall, President Falmouth

A key area of the recent work I have been doing is with Student Voice. The Big Rep Meeting happened just this week, and I am looking forward to working on making change and finding creative solutions in response to the student feedback we heard in the meeting. Another way I am championing the student voice is through taking Falmouth ROS data and escalating it to departments if needed, and encouraging and empowering Reps to work on things with their SSLGS.

CoLab is at a really exciting phase in its development, and I can’t wait for it to launch and enable safe student collaboration. CoLab is being built and will be finished very soon, when we will then user- test it with some students. We have also been running smaller Cross-Course Colabs to start the ball rolling.

A new Creativity and Innovation week is underway in its planning phases. We’ve had our first brainstorming roundtable and I am really excited to take the idea further and put it into practice.


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