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    Promote the 'make a change' more avidly - maybe in the Compass

      The amount of votes given to approve/reject these ideas seem pretty small in comparison to the amount of students there are. Maybe, some of the ideas could be promoted for a day in the Compass so at least people passing by would be aware of some of the proposals. A physical presence would be far more helpful in encouraging participation and voting - as it did with the voting for the FXU presidents.
    Thomas Richards
    12:39pm on 2 Mar 17 Agree that more promotion would be good but who should be doing this? I think it makes the most sense for the proposer of the idea to do this! Perhaps there could be clarification because at this moment it is unlikely that this idea is specific enough to pass Leadership Team!
    Nadia Abu Sakran
    3:12pm on 2 Mar 17 Maybe make sure they approve all posts rather than ignoring the ones that are harder to implement ?
    Alice Butler
    5:01pm on 15 Mar 17 More promotion and encouragement to "make a change" would be great. Maybe the fxu presidents could advertise it on Facebook more often with one of those fancy graphics used to advertise events?
    Kieran Cutting
    2:43pm on 23 Mar 17 From a leadership point of view this would be great with any redesign of make a change. Showing current or new make a change motions on monitors in the compass perhaps? Personally I'd like a permanent stand with an iPad where you can leave feedback and make make a change motions but that's just me :)
    Philip Innes
    4:37pm on 8 May 17 Great idea! I've just come to the end of my 2nd year but before today I had no idea this existed!
    Matt Blewett
    4:36pm on 15 May 17 This was passed at the Leadership Team meeting on the 9th May, and allocated to the incoming Leadership Team in the next academic year.
    Ben Rowswell
    11:29am on 28 Nov 17 As part of FXU operational plan for 2017/18 we are looking at how to ensure the make a change tab can work alongside and not undermine our course rep system. Once we have reworked a more effective system ensuring feedback goes via course reps and feeds into the 'Make a Change tab' we will then work with our marketing team to promote the platform in high footfall areas including the compass.