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    Dinner on Campus

      Offer dinner on campus and not only lunch. Right now you can only eat pizza in the koofi.
    Lucy Frears
    5:31pm on 10 Feb 17 This also links with the more healthy/ vegan/ allergy friendly food on campus as the vans such as Fal Falafel tend to stay for longer than the Stannary stays open.
    Matt Blewett
    4:53pm on 17 Mar 17 At the FXU Leadership Team meeting on the 14th March, this was allocated to FXU President Student Experience to take forward - bearing in mind that hospitality is currently undergoing changes and so any success may take a long time to materialise.
    Jamal Clarke
    5:19pm on 26 Oct 17 This is a longer-term development and it is likely to happen next academic year, alongside catered halls. Jamal Clarke FXU President Student Experience