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    Receiving a copy of exam scripts

      I believe that in order to improve our education we need to receive feedback and be able to discuss mistakes we've made in past exams and coursework with our tutors or module coordinators. I have discussed with student support about accessing a copy of my summer exam scripts but apparently they do not have access to them and haven't suggested a way that I may get a copy of them. Who else would like to be able to view their exam scripts and have the opportunity to discuss improvements with their tutors?
    Grace Fisher
    4:28pm on 12 Oct 15 Hi Kristina, Had a look into this one. From what I've been informed you can access exam feedback via your personal tutor. In terms of accessing the scripts themselves, I'm not sure if you can get the physical script back, but I can definitely look into this for you and find out why you can't access it! :)
    Matt Blewett
    4:08pm on 26 Apr 16 You can access your exam scripts, but it has to be through your personal tutor. Physical scripts cannot be given to you because they are needed for exam boards. If you want to have a look at your script, contact your personal tutor and they can get access to it for you and discuss it with you in a meeting.