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    Put healthy snacks in the queue in the shop

      The queue in the shop is full of chocolate based snacks. When the line gets long, people are encouraged to reach for them - especially when they haven't hit the £3 card limit! Similar schemes have been enacted all across the country e.g. at Tesco, Aldi and Boots. It doesn't mean completely getting rid of chocolate in the queues but a few healthy options would be welcomed!
    Alec Montgomery
    11:59am on 19 Jan 17 Save me from myself.
    Alice Butler
    5:55pm on 24 Jan 17 Here's a question. Why would you want healthy snacks in the first place?
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    11:36am on 8 Feb 17 hi all - The FXU Leadership team passed this onto me to complete, and to carry on working towards as part of the work I'm doing with the catering and hospitality team currently. I'll update as soon as possible! Thanks, Amanda FXU President Students Experience
    Jamal Clarke
    5:17pm on 26 Oct 17 This has been completed, and fruit is now 3 for £1 too! Jamal Clarke FXU President Student Experience