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    Cash point at Woodlane

      Who thinks having a cash point at Woodlane would be a good idea?? UPDATE FROM STUDENT COUNCIL >> It will be difficult to progress this idea unless we can demonstrate a student need to the Uni & the bank. 100+ votes will support this application at senior level!
    Ben Rowswell
    1:38pm on 24 Nov 15 If you want to see this become a reality please vote and share this with your friends
    Ben Rowswell
    9:41am on 3 Dec 15 UPDATE - Since this request received over 100 votes I arranged to meet Ken Johnson (Director of Estates) at Falmouth, Woodlane. We now have a date booked in with a rep from notemachine (17th December) who seems positive about being able to install a free to use cash machine on campus!! We will keep you updated :) The show of student support for this request has really helped drive it forward.
    Ben Rowswell
    3:51pm on 17 Dec 15 UPDATE - 17th December 2015 FXU met with a rep from a cash machine company today to survey the campus - The company have agreed they would be happy to install a free to use cash machine in an agreed location! Next steps are to meet with Ken Johnson (Director of Estates) in January and progress the installation.
    Ben Rowswell
    3:09pm on 27 Jan 16 UPDATE - The contract for a FREE to use cash machine in Fox Cafe has now been sent off and the cash machine will be installed and working within 5-7 weeks! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on campus.