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    Put Vending Machines at the top of Woodlane Campus

      Penryn Campus has a good spread of vending machines, cafes, etc at all points on the campus, when one breaks down you can always go to another nearby. Woodlane Campus only has one area to get food and drink, at the bottom of the hill in the canteen. For those students using the library or the print rooms, Drawing, SPD, Architecture and Fine Art students could really benefit from having a Vending Machine and a Hot Drinks machine at the top of Campus. Ideally outside the library or reception.
    Lucy Rivers
    11:02am on 19 Oct 16 It is also worth mentioning that if this idea goes ahead I will try to ensure that the machines have healthy options as well as treats.
    Matt Blewett
    9:37am on 13 Dec 16 Passed by Leadership Team meeting on the 6th December 2016, allocated to President Student Experience, Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson to take up with campus services.
    Jamal Clarke
    5:11pm on 26 Oct 17 I am afraid, this will not be happening, as the nearest vending machine is a minute walk away so there is no urgent need for this. Jamal Clarke FXU President Student Experience
    Lucy Rivers
    5:23pm on 26 Oct 17 I am very disappointed to hear that this democratic decision made last year has been reversed. The time taken to get from the library to the canteen was one of many reasons as to why this was voted to go forward. For someone on crutches/in a wheelchair/other mobility issues this is a huge accessibility problem. If you are in Architecture/drawing/life drawing/print studios/etc then making your way down and up such a steep hill is a huge struggle as I know from experience in first year when I had to use crutches. Another point made when this was voted to go ahead was that the vending machines often break down which means there is no alternative for refreshments when the cafe is closed/when people are working late. Further to this, the canteen is a 10-15 minute round walk from the top of campus (architecture/fine art) depending on your mobility level. Considering the current intake of students and the pressure on the refreshment facilities the decision to reverse this green light is not just disappointing but unnaceptable for the reasons stated.
    Ben Rowswell
    1:56pm on 28 Nov 17 Having met with Lucy to move this forward we have a plan to collect feedback from Falmouth students with a view to demonstrating the need for additional vending. Currently Lucy has collected feedback from 38 students.