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    Change Christmas Term Dates!! - How can we travel on bank holidays/Sunday?

      This Christmas Falmouth University Term Dates (12th of Dec till the Tuesday 3rd of Jan) will require students to pay a more costly fair on bank holiday, of even return before New Years Eve shortening the already shortened 3 week break to 2 and a half weeks. This has a big impact on international students who are paying a lot of money to travel home in return for less time with their family.
    Matt Blewett
    10:11am on 6 May 16 Student Council allocated to Falmouth president to take forward
    Chris Slesser
    3:46pm on 1 Feb 17 Hi there- I’m Chris, your FXU President Falmouth. Unfortunately, the academic calendar is in a position of lockdown, which has made it incredibly difficult to make changes before rather than after this occured. There was a wealth of feedback that came through several courses SSLG (Student Staff Liaison Group) that since enhancing our academic rep structures I presented (as well as this post) to Academic Board with all of the department directors, Registrar and Vice Chancellor. I highlighted the struggle for all students, emphasising international students in particular in terms of travel around the bank holiday period. This has resulted in a review to discuss the current calendar. We are now starting to gather feedback from course reps to inform future discussion. I am pursuing a co-created calendar that does not disrupt the student experience and gives a substantial Christmas break to prevent mental burnout.