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Matt Blewett
9:04am on 4 May 16 Student Council allocated this to Welfare President and Student Experience to carry forward.
Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
10:07am on 10 Nov 16 Hi, So Alexa and I are tackling the housing concerns a number of different ways, I'll leave her to update on the work she's doing but here are my comments. Firstly, the main thing around housing has to be ensuring that we are giving the correct facts and details to both Universities. This means that we have made a huge effort this year to increase the number of you we are talking to and getting feedback from. This will become even more clear as it starts to get closer to the times when people are looking for houses. Myself and the accommodation team have started planning the house hunting sessions a LOT earlier this year and the information will be more reflective of what you told us you need to know when getting a house. This issue also touches on student numbers slightly, this is an area more for Tom (Exeter Pres) and Chris (Falmouth Pres) to talk about so I will leave them to comment on it.
Tom Murray-Richards
1:21pm on 10 Nov 16 Hello! It is no secret that student numbers are increasing and Exeter are increasing student numbers by approximately 5% (about 100 students) each year (per this letter: I will continue to work with the University to ensure that these numbers do not adversely affect the student experience, as well as making sure I link back to Amanda and Alexa re housing. It's really important that we join up our conversations on this front and we will keep doing this!
Chris Slesser
12:07pm on 3 Apr 17 Hello! This is Chris, your FXU President Falmouth. Just to clarify in terms of Falmouth student growth, complimentary to discussions about housing. I can quote the most recent figures I have from 31st Oct 2016 to say that the largest quantity of student growth is within Institutions that Falmouth has partnered with such as the Academy of Contemporary Music in London, or CEG Digital Online courses. This makes growth of nearly 2000 students that are not campus or even Cornwall based. That leaves growth of an estimated 636 students between now and 2020 across both Penryn and Falmouth Campuses. Current projections estimate a growth of 252 students on Penryn Campus for next academic year (2017/18 intake) and actually 32 less students on the Falmouth Campus. Alexa and Amanda are working together to be involved in discussions with the Universities and Town/Cornwall Council to ensure there is enough good quality housing for students. Within my job role I am working to strengthen the Falmouth academic rep system to ensure academic feedback is collected and voiced at a senior level to ensure that course quality and access to facilities etc. does not suffer as a result of student growth.