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    Give us our time back for our dissertations

      We asked the university to give us better feedback. As a result the university has brought forward dissertation hand ins by over two months for some courses. We would like the original hand in dates to be restored to give us enough time to work on our dissertations. We would rather have individual feedback later rather than have some courses put at a disadvantage. Please see comments for more information.
    Bryony Hacker
    10:56am on 7 Mar 16 One concern is that people might already have commitments over summer such as those who need to work or are carers and they will not be able work on their dissertations. These students would be put at a disadvantage.
    Bryony Hacker
    10:57am on 7 Mar 16 Another concern is that we were not asked our opinion before this drastic decision was made. Afterwards they did not give us enough notice to change our summer plans, if we had been able to.
    Bryony Hacker
    10:57am on 7 Mar 16 The next concern is that some students need extra help and support (eg: Dyslexia) and by bringing the hand in date forward they will have to work over the summer without that help and support. These students would also be put at a disadvantage.
    Bryony Hacker
    10:58am on 7 Mar 16 Finally, it is good to have your dissertation running alongside your practice because they influence and reinforce each other.
    Allanah Allnutt
    3:21pm on 7 Mar 16 We don't have any tutor time over summer which is the reason why the hand in was the date that it was. If it gets brought forward two months that period that we have as summer, which is often the time we work to be able to afford not to work whilst at uni is no longer ours. This adds unneeded pressure and time constraints. This will only bring grades down.
    Martin Dodridge
    5:36pm on 7 Mar 16 The studios might be empty the first term back ,as everyone is writing ,and not creating with their hands.That will lead to false studio calculations ,as it will be registered as not being used ,and will add to the following year of less studio space,and more students packed in.
    Maddie McCollin
    8:55pm on 7 Mar 16 when it comes to making I never have a problem but being dyslexic trying to write something is almost impossible! I really heavily on tutor time and my one to one tutor when it comes to writing and research and with already a very limited opportunity to see tutors and a limited number of hours given to me to meet with my one to one tutor there is no chance I could write a dissertation over the summer. Having to work a full time job and having no access to any member of staff over summer is crazy!
    Madeleine Broad
    2:49pm on 8 Mar 16 great to see such clarity of student voice arising from a confusing and difficult situation. Good luck to those engaging with this debate, it is heartening. This is yet another example of the disruption that is caused when changes and rules are imposed from the top down with little or no consultation with those who will be affected, or those who have experience with the delivery of education.
    Matt Blewett
    11:34am on 30 Mar 16 Passed on 24/03/2016 and passed to Falmouth President, Fred Mallin, to action.
    Matt Blewett
    10:56am on 11 May 16 This falls into ongoing work being done surrounding the new Academic Calendar. Falmouth President has discussed with the Falmouth DVC Academic who has requested more evidence and so Falmouth President is requesting all affected courses, through their respective reps, to compile evidence of the negative effects of the new calendar.