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    Increase the amount of equipment storage available for music students

      Due to the increase in student numbers, the space of equipment storage for music students is far too small. Equipment is mixed up in the cupboard, instruments are damaged due to improper storage, and climbing through the cupboard is a challenge, and a serious health and safety issue. There's also a need for larger locker spaces- for large, expensive equipment, that needs to be stored in AMATA overnight. AMATA staff and technical support have been aware of this issue for some time.
    Samuel Constable
    12:03pm on 9 May 17 This is an essential issue. As someone who often arrives in AMATA early in the morning and is therefore among the first to try and get to my equipment, I often comment on how accessing the Instrument Store without destroying someone's prize possession resembles an Olympic sport. As a Senior Student Mentor, mentees frequently come to me on this topic and it would make life easier for so many old and new students if a satisfactory solution could be found.
    Sam Wilkins
    3:42pm on 9 May 17 Yeah it's bullshit, get more space please : - )
    Ronnie Cook
    3:43pm on 9 May 17 yea
    Izaak Spencer
    3:51pm on 9 May 17 Definitely, I've had equipment left on the floor for people to trample on before, as well as having to climb over trolleys to move amps out, lifting them overhead which is not safe but there isn't another option.
    Megan Wassell
    4:15pm on 9 May 17 More. Space.
    Stanley Box
    5:59pm on 9 May 17 More space is def needed!
    Miriam Richter
    6:39am on 10 May 17 This is incredibly important- the amount of equipment that is getting lost/ broken is high, also the risk of injury- the amount of a scratches and bruises I have received from trying to fight my way through there!
    Adam Rogers
    7:16pm on 10 May 17 The busy and narrow space makes it hard to lift things without twisting and I find myself throwing my back out trying to reach items
    Matt Blewett
    10:21am on 16 May 17 This was passed by the Leadership Team on the meeting on the 9th May and allocated to FXU President Student Experience, Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, to take forward.
    Chris Slesser
    2:47pm on 2 Nov 17 Hi all! It's Chris, your FXU President Falmouth. This issue was passed on to me as the more appropiate individual to take this forward. Apologies for the delay in response. Following this action- -Contacted your Director, Terrie Fender along with the technical team. -Over Summer the equipment store was reshuffled and unnecessary equipment removed. -Following this, I have checked in with your course reps who has assured me that the equipment stores are in a much better position currently for the students they represent. Hopefully, this change has improved the experience. If issues persist, please do contact your course reps who will be fed this back to course teams and FXU and can revisit this issue. All the best