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    Reprographics; Parity for Falmouth Campus

      There is a very real and imminent issue concerning all students on Falmouth Campus surrounding the need for reprographics and more printing facilities in departments and around the campus. We feel the lack of the facilities is having a serious impact on the student experience and is not in line with the facilities available to our fellow students on Penryn Campus. There may be a suggestion that all facilities on both campuses are available for all students to use. However, the facilities on Penryn Campus are not easily accessible to Falmouth students and we have already seen the increase in student numbers affecting the availability of said equipment. As well as, as a lot of the work that requires these printing facilities are usually in a large format, there is a constant worry over the possibility of our very expensive work being damaged in transport or by weather. We would like to see a serious commitment from Falmouth University to Falmouth Campus to ensure that students can be aware of a move to parity for all students, so none of us are at a disadvantage. We would like to see that come in the form of a dedicated reprographics space and more printers to be installed immediately as students’ work is seriously being affected. Also with deadlines looming, it ever more prominent that this happens now. I have discussed this issue with many, many(!) concerned students and this is what we as a campus feel we deserve: *A dedicated reprographics space that can offer a variety of specialist printing options and professional advice *Communication to students and staff of what equipment is available at any given time (i.e routine email updates) *Affordable specialist printing (A2, A3, Acetate, etc.) *Communal and(!)/or more department based web compatible printers *Improved printing inductions to reduce physical and time waste *A ‘bulk buy’ option, as with food vouchers, for printing credits that could possibly be shared between students to make printing more affordable *Improved system for surveying the amount of students using facilities and rooms (not someone walking around after 5pm on a Friday with a clipboard) I would like to reiterate that this is affecting all courses on Falmouth Campus and is having a very serious negative impact on the quality of our work and university experience.
    Frederick Mallin
    1:50pm on 3 Dec 15 UPDATE Since this post went live, I have spoken to Reprographics to gather some more information on why this provision isn't available to Falmouth Campus students at present. The service was initially removed due to space being reappropriated for courses and other services. Reprographics made a point that they were keen to keep a presence on the campus, they assured me that they understand how it will be affecting the students and are keen to help where they can. Reprographics are currently working on releasing an online payment system for the new year. Students are currently able to send their work digitally to be printed so no need to worry about putting your files on a USB etc. There may also be the possibility of printed work being couriered to Falmouth Campus to be distributed on site, however this is an on going discussion and no assurances can be made at this time.
    Matt Blewett
    10:54am on 11 May 16 Falmouth have committed to bringing printing and creative printing services to the Falmouth (Woodlane) Campus, with new multipurpose, A3, risograph and large format printing options now available. “Reprographics” as the service offered through a 3rd party by fx plus will not exist on this campus but will be owned and managed by Falmouth Campus Estates and IT. Directors have been requested to liaise with Falmouth Estates to ensure all necessary equipment will be installed.