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    Give Creative Advertising a shared working space with Apple Macs

      Creative Advertising students currently have inadequate space and resources to work effectively towards deadlines. The Treetops is often full, too bright, too loud - truly substandard. The library is strictly quiet, which does not lend well to the collaborative nature of Creative Advertising. Graphic Design claim 'the writing room' as their own, despite it being within the School of Communication Design. Please give Creative Advertising student a space to work in that has Apple Macs.
    Matt Blewett
    4:40pm on 15 May 17 This was passed by the Leadership Team on the meeting on the 9th May and allocated to FXU President Falmouth, Chris Slesser, to take forward.
    Chris Slesser
    9:30am on 2 Oct 17 Hello, it's Chris, your FXU President Falmouth- The Creative Advertising space has undergone some renovation over the summer period along with the rest of the Falmouth Campus. This feedback was fed through your course reps and work has started on a new IT Space extension to the BA Creative Advertising studio and this is hopefully due for completion mid to late October and suffered some delays due to complications with other project work on the campus! Any issues please contact your reps or visit FXU in the newly developed Student Hub Space opposite the creative advertising studios. Other positive developments that will be beneficial CA student’s include- - A new carpet has been laid in both CA workspaces - A new audio recording space is being finalised next to the photography studio directly next to the studios for bookable use.