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2019-20 Achievements


Improve Space on Our Campus


  • Ensured that the student voice was in the campus development through consultation with students such as focus groups and surveys.
  • Worked with Joe Rigby (President Exeter 2019/20) to establish better links with Truro - this year we have seen more representation from Truro and a host of new Truro-based societies.


Making Campus Cleaner & Greener


  • Working with the Green Committee, there has been ongoing work in this area. In November there was a collaborative campus-wide sustainability week, involving the local community, student groups and campus services. (which we won a national award for!)
  • Other green projects in process that I have collaborated with students on – Edible pathways: more edible plants on campus.
  • Bee bombs (campaign created and funding secured by Elisabeth Streeter (Environment and Ethics Officer 2018/19) were distributed to students and areas set aside for wildflowers by the gardening team.
  • ‘Don’t be a mug’ - A project promoting less disposable takeaway cups on Falmouth campus.


Better Campus Events


  • Supported CSM in their Movember mop chop!
  • Supported CSM in the organisation of Bottle Match and the after party, which was attended by over 400 attendees.
  • RAD-organised Take Me Out was a great success, with over 400 attendees.
  • Slip N Slide was a great success again in 2019 and was set to be bigger and better for 2020. That idea is still in place and will happen in the future.
  • Worked with Callie Edwards (President Falmouth 2019/20) to ensure that the student voice was included in the organisation of campus events, bringing back Grad Ball for 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19)


Improve Student Opportunities


  • Created the Legends platform (developed form V-team) which has resulted in an increase of volunteer hours logged.
  • There has been on-going work to reduce processes and make running student groups easier.
  • Supported Joe Rigby (President Exeter 2019/20) to lobby Exeter University for funding for better pitch provision on campus.
  • There has been an increase in academic societies.


Increase Student Voice in Accomodation


  • Supported Harry Bishop (Welfare and Inclusivity President 2017/19) in the implementation of ResLife. This aims to give support to those living in residence and a direct line of communication to the relevant support avenues. There is still work to be done here but the feedback loop is much better than it has been.


President Experience Photos 2019-2020